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The Process

The GoBright Smiles Teeth Whitening process is a professional light-activated system that combines the strongest, freshest gels with our high-powered Futura™ 2400 blue LED teeth whitening light.

The basic system utilizes a 16% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel that is highly effective yet safe for sensitive teeth.
We recommend our Ultra Teeth Whitening service which consists of three back-to-back applications of 20 minutes each.

  • 1st Application: Opens the pores of the enamel allowing the whitening gel to penetrate the teeth but very little whitening occurs. (Duration of one 20 minute application)
  • 2nd Application: Gel is able to quickly penetrate tooth enamel now that the pores are open and visible whitening begins to occur.
  • 3rd Application:  Maximum whitening results are achieved during the third session.

This is because the bleaching agent takes time to travel through the enamel of your teeth to bleach the stained dentin below. The dentin gives your teeth the natural bone or white color you see. That’s what you really want to whiten. If you take the time to do the teeth whitening process properly, with two to three 20 minute sessions with a professional system, you will whiten the dentin correctly and get the best teeth whitening results that will last for a long time.

A cosmetic teeth whitening treatment will NOT make your teeth pearly white. It will make them whiter. How much whiter? It really depends on a multitude of factors, including how stained your teeth were before the whitening, what kind of staining agent caused most of the discoloration, how well your enamel reacts to peroxide, and the number of treatments performed.

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